Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Rock

When i found this image, i just had to share.
I started thinking about songs that could go along with it since i have no idea who this band is or what they were actually called. I remembered that there was a "Black Rock" on the 'Chains and Black Exhaust' comp. (Which if you haven't already tracked down, you NEED to download immediately) Turns out, Black Rock was the name of the band, and their tune was called 'Yeah Yeah.' Whatever. Black Rock works for me.
These guys are black, and judging by the look of them they must have played 'rock' music in some form or another. I doubt that this song is what the music of these particular four gentlemen would have sounded like, but it's good enough for this guy.

I'd still love to find and hear a record by this band, i'll bet the music is as awesomely bad as their photo.

Get the Chains And Black Exhaust compHERE. This is the whole album with three 'Bonus Tracks' added at the end by me. Enjoy.

I know, it's already all over the Blog-o-nets, but in my opinion there can't be enough links of this one floating around. Google it, The first entry that comes up is a great review. This thing is gonna change your life- Here's a sample.

Yeah Yeah, by Black Rock



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Groovy Grubworm!

What a righteous pair of twangy countrified rockers!

The pride of Norman, Oklahoma, Mr. Harlow Wilcox and his only single: Groovy Grubworm, b/w Moose Trot.

Dig that electric wah-wah banjo on the flip- at least i think that's the banjo with the wah-wah effect, it could be a pedal steel.... Either way, its an amazing tune. There's just not enough music like this in the world anymore.

Groovy Grubworm

Moose Trot



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shock Me

I busted out a KISS album today in honor of April 27 being Ace Frehley's birthday.

I thought i had 'Back in the New York Groove' on 45, but i don't. I'm pretty sure i did at one point, but i must have gotten rid of it because, well, that song kind of sucks...

Here's Ace in his very first lead vocal performance on a KISS album.
"Shock Me" straight from my copy of 1977's Love Gun album.



Workin Hard

The final side of my 2 Olympics 45s.
(The other three sides are all here. Go find them.)

This ones sort of fitting, in a not-really kind of way. "Working Hard" because i've been looking for a job, and it's what i hope to be doing some time in the near future.

"Workin Hard"


Monday, April 26, 2010

Mouldy Old Dough

I recently re-connected with an old friend by way of the Facebooks who i hadn't talked to in well over a decade. Turns out he's been living in jolly olde London, England for the past 5+ years of that time. Who knew? Actually, i did, it's just been a while is all...

Long story short- When we were younger we both got into odd ball music, and were both record collector nerds, and, big surprise- we both still are... There's none of this "How'd you meet your wife" "How many kids you got" crap for us, we got straight to talking music. It's a beautiful thing when you can just pick up right where you left off, as if the last 15 years were only 15 days...

He asked me if i'd ever heard of "Lieutenant Pigeon", and admittedly, i never had. I guess they had a couple of big hits in Europe around about 1972 or so, but their music never made it to this side of the pond. Not too many folks in the States have ever heard of them (Myself included.) He said he'd pick up a few of their 45s and send them my way... A couple weeks later, i'm the proud owner of some really far-out obscure early 70's British 'rock' music...

Obviously i don't know a whole lot about a group i just heard for the first time, but one interesting bit of fact i picked up on the inter-tubes is that the olde timey sounding piano was played by frontman Rob Woodward's mother, Hilda, and 'Mouldy Old Dough' was (still is, and probably always will be) the only UK #1 single to feature a mother and her son. And it's not that she just played on the track, she was a full time member of the group. Live gigs, touring, and all. HERE"S A LINK If you want to read more.

These are some pretty wild records. I truly believe that i am a better person for having them in my collection. Thanks again Steve- I owe you one!

Mouldy Old Dough

The Villian



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Got to hurry

I have converted so many records recently, it's hard to keep up. There's more than i know what to do with. At this point, it's just a matter of picking a song, and trying to remember which ones i have already posted. I got tons more punk stuff on the way, but i also got plenty more old rock and roll stuff like this one too...

Dig it, some old Yardbirds. The flip of 'For your love', an instrumental ditty called 'Got To Hurry.'



Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Mess Me Up

Here's a sloppy noisy ass punk ditty from Supercharger. These guys rally knew what the hell was going on. This is about as noisy as you can get while still being listenable.
What can i say, i love this lo-fi stuff. It sounds like it was recorded on half broken vintage Japanese guitars held together with duct tape, on an antique tape machine at the bottom of an old well, and using a telephone for a mic-- Performed by autistic children whos only exposure to popular music is grandpas collection of crackly old 78s.

The B-side is a fake (?) ad for what was at the time, their soon-to-be released LP "Supercharger goes way out." That record was great, I shared this little shithole apartment with a friend of mine when it was new, and that one was in heavy rotation. We played in a punky drunky garagey band of our own, so this kinda shit was like The Beatles to us. Ahh, Good times. Good times.

Don't Mess Me Up

Live From Radio X

If anyone representing the Estrus estate has a problem with my posting these records, please let me know, and i will promptly remove them.
I don't mean no disrespect, I'm just a big fan is all, and there's a lot more on the way.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


"You can bet all your money that it's gonna be a stone gas honey!"
-Don Cornelius

I'm not hip to dance-crazes of the 1960's because, well, i wasn't there. But even if i was, I'm no dancer, i just know what makes me wanna move. I don't know a whole lot about the Watusi, at this point in history it seems like there was a new dance sweeping the nation that the kids were doing every other week back in those days. The Watusi seems like it was kind of the poor-man's Twist to me... On the level of The Mashed Potato. You know, the kids dug it for a while, but they got over it pretty quick. "What? You're still doing the Watusi!? That's sooo square!" On to the next thing they went. The Monkey, the Hully-Gully, the Boogaloo, or whatever it happened to be. Dudes like Rufus Thomas could think of a silly phrase, set it to a groove, make a record, and all of a sudden it was the latest dance. And the kids- they ate that shit up like breakfast. It's a lot for this feeble brain to try and sort out, but i'll tell you what- if i were the king of the world, Wilson Pickett's 'Land of 1000 Dances' would be a required course at rock and roll high school. That one would sure help to straighten this shit out.

Not too many songs were written about the Watusi. The Wikipedia page says there were three. THREE. Not two, not four, but three... Who writes this stuff..?
Now, I'm no music historian, but I find that hard to believe seeing as how i happen to have one in my humble music collection that's not on their list. Mabye it was limited to top 40 hits... Who can tell with these internets.

The Twist was another beast altogether. Everyone sang about doing the Twist. R&B, soul, rock and roll... The twist was everybody's dance. I don't need to bore you with a list, but i'll tell you what, Chubby Checker would still be collecting shopping carts in the parking lot of the grocery store if it weren't for that particular dance craze...
The Watusi-? I doubt it ever saved any lives...

One of my fellow blogeraters, over there at the NEAT STUFF blog posted these great vintage pictures of some chick doing the watusi. When i saw them i thought to myself, i thought, Self: I oughtta post some Watusi songs and steal these righteous old graphics to go with them.
So that's what i decided to do.
And with that, here's some tunage.

First up is A little old school R&B to get you moving
Dig The Orlons with 'Wah-Watusi'

Next, we got a good-time garage number by Jay Bentley and the Jet Set
'Watusi 64'

Don't forget to check out the NEAT STUFF blog to see more cool vintage crap, and also be sure to check out DAN'S GARAGE which is where i hosed 'Watusi 64' from. You like digital transfers of old vinyl records? That guy's got em by the truck load...

Update: Also check out the COLLECTOR'S 45's blog, who put up a few different Watusi numbers in response to this post. Great stuff.



High Heel Sneakers

High Heel Sneakers (Again)
See my previous High Heel Sneakers posts:
The Tommy Tucker version HERE and the Searchers version HERE.
I still might have one more... I'm not sure.

What can i say- I love ALL versions of this song. Like Stagger Lee, or Louie Louie, I've never heard a version that i didn't enjoy.
And as the Mummies prove here, it's nearly impossible to fuck up good material.

Much can, and has, been said said about The Mummies... Personally, i think they were one of the greatest punk bands ever, but what the hell do i know..? Google them. They have a website.

I got this 45 and Blue Cheer's Vincebus Eruptum on CD in trade for a Filth t-shirt which i never wore because it was too big for me anyway... Trades can be good if they work in your favor.

Here's the Mummies take on the classic.

"High Heel Sneakers"

And the flip, which is a not-so-subtle nod to the 'Introduction to the Sonics' track.

"Introduction To The Mummies"



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Satan's Pilgrims

Don't know much about this band. Outta Portland, Oregon from the early 1990's. Garage/Punk/Surf rock. They ain't reinventing the wheel over here, just kicking out some righteous jams, and having a good time doing it.
This ones on Estrus records, who from what i've heard, (As in, with my own two ears) have never released a single note of bad music-- Or maybe it was all bad, and i just like crap that sucks. Either way, Estrus is a name i have always trusted for high quality entertainment, and this record is proof.
I bought this in 1994/95 when it was new, and had never heard of the Satan's Pilgrims before, but when i saw that it was on Estrus i gladly forked over the dough.
I'm glad i did. This ones a keeper.

I didn't split the tracks up because i believe that punk rock 7" EPs were intended to be heard a side at a time regardless of whether there are five songs or one.
That's just how i roll.

Side one:
Haunted House / Hester Synne

Side two:
Super Eight / Shape Of Things To Come



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Mama Smoked Marijuana

Moms coming to visit tomorrow. I've been saving this one for the right time.
I believe that time is now.

I asked the all knowing webernets for any info on this gem, but it had no answers for me. Sometimes you can't ask questions, you just gotta enjoy what you got.

The 'Reefers' with 'My Mama Smoked Marijuana'

And since i like themes, here's one by the man with the greatest moustache in rock and roll...

"Motherly Love"


One More Rainy Day

April 14th is Ritchie Blackmore's birthday so i figured, what the hell, i'll put on a little Deep Purple... No harm in that.

Here's the B-side of their first hit "Hush." Not the most 'Guitar-heavy' 'Purple track one might choose to celebrate an occasion such as Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's birthday, but its the only one i got on 45.
It features the first singer- the guy who's not Ian Gillian, on vocals. It's from on their first album, which in my humble opinion, should be played non-stop from start to finish... But here it is on its own anyway.
I think it's from 1968. I'm too lazy to look it up.
Correct me if you care. (Edit: I just noticed 1968 on the picture of the label- Duh! I'm wicked observant like that.)

On an awesome, sunny 77 degree day here in the great midwest...
"One More Rainy Day"



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Resistance!

I friggin love the Misfits. Always have, always will. The Danzig-era, pre-reunion Misfits that is. Like when you say you dig Black Sabbath, it's understood that you mean Ozzy-era.

I bought my first 'Fits record when i was a young teenager, and i been buying them ever since. Here's one from an old bootleg 45 i picked up somewhere along the way.
It's included here for your enjoyment because there's a quick 'Chicago' in the lyrics.
That's all i got left on this theme. It's been real.

After i listened to this one, i got all nostalgic and busted out a bunch of other punk 45s from the early/mid 90's, and a couple oldies from the 80's.
Some classic thrash, and some forgotten trash.

Stay tuned.
We're gonna punk rock till we puke.

"Children In Heat"

Children in heat
They have no conscience
No resistance
You gotta see this big reaction
No resistance
Cellophane sex, a new way of life
With your heart in your throat
And the other alive
You've been pissin', pissin' blood
Pissin' blood for seven days

No resistance....

Children in heat
You can't control them
Why they're away and away
They're always gonna run away
Children in heat
You can't control them
Why they're running away

Children in heat
Are young little kindle wood
I see them burning
They all changed their names to Chicago
No resistance...

Children in heat
You can't control them
Why they're running away...
Etc... Etc...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Born In Chicago

I have a few more to keep with the whole Chicago theme i've had going on. I have decided to skip Old Blue Eyes' version of "Chicago" which i have on 45, and ZZ Top's "Jesus Just Left Chicago" which i have on their Tres Hombres LP. I also have a Django Reinhardt record with a song called Chicago, but it's an instrumental jam. Technically could have been called anything, so i'm going to skip that one too.

I'm not going to do Sinatra because i'll probably get nailed for copyright infringement, which wouldn't be such a big deal. That, i could handle. More because i fear that some old-school goons might actually show up on my doorstep and "take care of it" for the boss personally, and i just don't need that kind of aggravation in my life... And ZZ Top- Well just turn on your local classic rock station, anytown USA, and wait. Sooner or later you'll hear some 'Top. Besides, it's the second song in a pair that MUST be heard one after another. Like 'Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid' or 'Brain Damage / Eclipse.' "Waitin for the bus / Jesus just left Chicago" have to be heard together. There's no way around it, you just can't have one without the other, and who the hell am i to play god and split up a pair like that....

What we have here is one by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, from their 1965 self-titled debut entitled "Born In Chicago."
If you, like myself, are a fan of the electric blues music, do yourself a favor and get this record right away.
You can thank me later.

After this one, i think i have one more- and it's pushing it. It's a punk rock tune with a quick 'Chicago' in the lyrics that you could almost miss if you weren't paying attention. But for nerds like me it's good enough, and it's already in my collection.
Stay tuned.

Let's give it up for Mike Bloomfeld on lead guitar.
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Born In Chicago



Today there was an hour long special on the astronauts of the Apollo 13 and I actually watched most of it. It was then and there that i decided to post the fine selection that i have for you today.

This is another one that i picked up for pocket change a zillion years ago. I bought it because the label looked cool, and i thought it would look good hanging on the wall. I've been told that it came with some kind of rocket toy, and it's from the early/mid 60's.
Get yer space on!

Side one- Introduction

Side two- Actual Mercury spaceflight communications


Saturday, April 10, 2010


As you may have heard Polish President Lech Kaczynski and about 90 of his colleagues died in a plane crash this morning. Tragic news...
Chicago's a big time Polish town, so this has got to be a real blow to all the folks of Polish heritage who live here.

Since i don't have any records by Polish political leaders, here's one about Chicago from an Italian guy who also died in a plane crash.

Not much of a connection, i know, but hey- it's all i got.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown



Friday, April 9, 2010

I used to work in Chicago

I like to yuk it up. I've been known to enjoy some laffs, and when it fits the theme- Hey, even better.
Here's one of those "adult party records" you've heard about... And one of the drunkest recordings i've ever heard. This thing makes The Faces sound like they were recorded at AA meetings.

"I used to work in Chicago"



The Girl From Chicago

I'm sticking with the Chicago theme for a few more posts. I actually have a Chicago (the band) 45, but i think i'll skip that one. I have three more with 'Chicago' in the title, one more with a mention in the lyrics, and a whole album by one of the greats of this fine city.

Benny Bell's 'The girl from Chicago' is the flip side of 'Shaving Cream', and it's in the same style. If you've ever listened to The Dr. Demento show, then you've heard it.
Me, i prefer the--

Girl From Chicago



Monday, April 5, 2010


I like themes, so i've decided to do a series of posts on the fine city in which i live- Chicago.
I have a few obscure gems that aren't Chicago (the band) or Cheap Trick...
So i figured i'd share them all together.

For those of you who have never been here, this is what it looks like everywhere in Chicago. I took this picture in my neighborhood. Right down the street from me is an old abandoned elevated train line, down that about a mile down the tracks is another elevated train that runs over the first one.
The lower tracks are almost as high up as a house, and the one on top is like as tall as a three story building. It's nuts.
This town is lousy with trains.

Here are a couple of mid 60's frat rock good time party type numbers by a group called The Chicago Loop.
I don't know anything about the band, or the label, or anything about this record...
I just know what i like- and these are a couple of rockers...

(When she wants good lovin') My baby comes to me

This must be the place


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