Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Bill

Yet another of the many examples why you really can't go wrong with yer basic 12-bar blues. And this one really stomps.

'Black Bill' The b-side of the classic 'I hear You Knocking.'
I have had this record for many a year, and i can't remember the last time gave it a spin. It's been so long that i hardly remembered the song at all. So i'm hearing it again for the very first time. Love it when that happens. It's like getting a new record- but not... Or something...

Sending this one out to The Captain. He's white, but he wishes he was black.

Black Bill



Sunday, July 25, 2010

sweet soul

The title says it all. "Sweet Soul."

A nice laid back three minute saxophone workout from Junior Walker.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Dig it.



Thursday, July 22, 2010

What You Gonna Do?

Ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to present to you- My new favorite song.
Manfred Mann - What You Gonna Do?

The B-side of the mega hit 'Do Wah Diddy', which i probably would have passed on if 45s didn't have two songs. Luckily for me they do, so i took a chance and spent the 40 cents. Glad i did too, because this tune is a killer.

When i saw the title, "What you gonna do?", i thought it might be a version or variation on The Small Faces "What you gonna do about it?", because of the way that British Invasion R&B groups of that era loved to cover each others songs, but this ones an original and one of the most punk rock songs i've heard in a good long while. This thing is full of attitude. Just dig the little laugh at about 1:40. You gotta be kidding me..!

The perfect two and a half minutes of sound. My new favorite song -for now.

From July 1964
What You Gonna Do?



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daves not here!

I picked this record up a few years back for the flip side "Santa Claus & His Old Lady" but it doesn't really make sense to feature one like that during a crippling heat wave now does it. It's a good thing that 45s have two sides though, because this one cracks me up no matter what time of year it is.
I'll save the other side for the season which it was intended.

Cheech and Chong - "Dave"



Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Toys

One of the joys of buying junk shop records is that you never know what you'll find. You can never be looking for anything specific but hopefully, just maybe, you'll turn up something good. Nine times out of ten the stuff i see in thrift store record bins is worthless crap, but every once in a great while there's a gem like this one waiting for someone like me to find it and give it a good home.

One of the great girl-group pop numbers of the mid 60's, and what i like about this one is that there is no hook. There's no catchy chorus. Its just verse- verse- verse- with some great key changes until it's over. Simple, the way it should be, but definitely not repetitive or boring.

From 1965, here's Barbara, Barbara, and June- The Toys.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please Don't Pretend Again

Here's another one from my much fabled '40 cents each' record haul.

Now, i like to think that i know a thing or two about the popular music of yesteryear, but admittedly this one stumped even me. I don't know who the Honeycombs were, and i don't recognize the 'Interphon' label. The reason i grabbed this one was because it was old, and Joe Meek and Pye Records were listed in the production credits. I figured that if Mr. Meek was involved, it was worth checking out... And i was right.

Turns out i did end up knowing the flip 'Have I The Right?' once i played it, even if i never knew who performed it. This song however, is brand new to these ears.

The price was right, and both of these tunes are pretty righteous.
This ones a keeper.

Fro 1964.
"Please Don't Pretend Again"



Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heat Wave

I know, it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to come up with the idea of posting Martha & the Vandellas' Heat Wave on a day like this, but this is what days like this do to a brother- They turn your brain to a mass of quivering goo... Barely capable of coherent thoughts or ideas.

This heat is friggin killing me, i'm lucky i remembered how to turn the computer on at all, Hell- I'm lucky i remembered how to put on pants... (or am I?)

At least i had the good sense to realize that my nonsensical ramblings had to, immediately, be made a presence in the blogosphere for others to admire and enjoy. Because i know that my opinion matters, and total strangers on the interwebs really do care about my thoughts on the weather in a place that they probably don't live anywhere near.

For those folks i say this: It's fucking hot here, and has been for several days now. How's the weather where you are? Oh- It's fucking hot there too.? Well, whaddya know..?

To sum up, here's a song that has absolutely nothing to do with the current state of the weather here (or there- wherever that is.) The phrase 'Heat Wave' is used metaphorically. If you are unsure on the definition of 'metaphor', i urge you to get indoors somewhere right away, and drink plenty of water. You are gonna be fine.

Heat Wave



Friday, July 9, 2010

King Tut

I like to laugh and i like banjo music, therefore this is one of my new favorite records.

King Tut is the classic Steve Martin novelty track that we all know and love from 1978. "He gave his life for tourism!" Hilarious! I remember it from when i was a kid hearing it on the Dr. Demento radio show every week.
"Funky Tut" This stuff still cracks me up!

Alone, King Tut would have been worth the price of admission, but the flip side is the real treat here. As i'm sure any fan of popular (and not-so popular) music and/or classic comedy knows; In addition to being the funny-man that he is, Steve Martin is also a banjo player. And a very talented one at that, so i knew this would be good. The added bonus is that there are actually two songs here! The first is a quick little ditty which is Steve solo, on stage. Probably an introduction to a stand-up routine. The second is a banjo workout with some nice fiddle solos. The tunes are called "Sally Goodin" and "Hoedown At Alice's"
The record skips slightly between the two tracks. It's annoying, but it's not too bad... It was a 40 cent record, so you get what you pay for i guess.





Sunday, July 4, 2010

Living In America

The other day I paid a visit to one of Chicago's fine and plentiful junk shops and found a serious stash of 45's. Some great old rock and soul stuff, all of which were original label pressings. The price- .40 cents a pop.
Sure, some are a little beat up, but you still gotta love it when that happens. I walked away with a stack about as tall as my fist, and threw down a measley seven bucks and change for it. I listened to a few, but still have to convert them. They'll all end up here eventually.

When i saw this one i knew that i just had to have it. Three days before the fourth of July and i find a copy of James Brown's "Living In America," picture sleeve and all. Just in time for the Fourth, which also happens to be my birthday...

I love living in America! Bring on the fireworks and beer!
Happy day all!

Here's the hardest working man in show business from 1985.
"Living In America."


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Liar Liar

Here's a little ditty that you don't hear every day.

On Thursday evening, the missus and i were driving from Chicago to Glen Arbor Michigan to enjoy the holiday weekend like civilized folks. Glen Arbor is a tiny little Mayberry town way up there at the top of the lower portion of the state. (That makes sense right?)
Look at a map.
Out there in the wilds of militia country, the radio reception can be less than ideal at times. Over the 5+ hour drive we found a few decent rock and/or oldies stations. They would disappear, and reappear again, and disappear again. Until they eventually go away forever and the search would begin for the next one.

We did the drive at night so's to avoid holiday traffic, and we caught bits of the syndicated Alice Cooper radio show that he does. I don't listen tothe radio at night so i don't catch this show often. I think the only times i've ever heard it was when i was in somebody's car. I like Alice Cooper, he's a man of wealth and taste, and what we were able to catch of his show- as brief as it was, made me happy.

Among others, the Coop spun a little Mott the hoople, some never-heard-on-commercial-radio Bob Dylan, and he hit us with this gem: Liar Liar, by The Castaways.
It was dark, we were tired from the drive, when this one came on we cranked it like it was Freebird. Thanks Mr. Cooper! You made the wife and myself pretty happy there for a brief moment in time...

Ooh- Looks like DivShare's got a snazzy new player... Well lah dee dah!

ALso, be sure to check in tomorrow for an essential 4th of July classic.
I got a good one cued up....

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