Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Shadows Of The Prison Bars

Here's a recent purchase that has quickly become one of my favorite new records because it's such a fucked up little story.

There's nothing quite like a hillbilly murder/suicide ballad to make me feel better about what I got going on in my life. 'The Shadows Of The Prison Bars' has got to be one of the most depressing song in the history of recorded sound.

First she sends the kids off to mothers house where they'll be safe, then she kills (stabs with a dirty kitchen knife) her no good two-timin' husband. She then brings her dead hubby's body to his mistress' place so she can suffer over it too, and finally commits suicide while in prison by slicing her wrist with a broken piece of glass. All in three minutes time! Christ, somebody could make a movie out of this record.... I thought i had problems. I'm living the life over here- Ole Boots has got it rough!

Check it out. Its a real pick-me-upper.

The Shadows Of The Prison Bars.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Trekkin' The Sequel -

So my first Star Trek record was linked around and ended up being an overnight smash runaway hit. It's already been downloaded well over a hundred times in the week that it's been out there. Thanks to Donna L for posting it on PCL Linkdump. From there it ended up on a live journal page called ontd_startrek. I'm not quite sure, but it seems to be a Star Trek fan page of sorts. No matter, they dug the first one so much, (Get it here) that i converted the other one i own just for them. ..And this ones even better. That Bones McCoy is quite the cut-up!

In case anyone missed it here's the Star Wars record i posted too. Go get em all! And if it's vintage Sci-Fi kiddie records that your into- stay tuned for the 'Black Hole' book & record set too...

OK, enough of my yammering, here's the LINK for this one too. There's one minor skip on each side, but considering the record is 7+ minutes per side spinning at 45 rpm, it's a miracle that the damn thing plays at all. It's the best i could clean it up. I actually washed it in the kitchen sink and got one of the skips to play through....
And- all the thank yous from the live journal folks were greatly appreciated. You are all very welcome. Ahh, the internet- A place where aging punks and trekkies can all be friends. Who woulda thunk it?

Enjoy the record!

Donations welcome


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You've said it all

I had no idea what this was going to be when i found it. I'm a big fan of "taking a chance" when i buy records. Sometimes you get burned, and believe me- i got my share of records that i will never listen to again, but sometimes you uncover a little buried treasure like this one. The way i see it, if i drop 25 or even 50 cents on a record and it totally blows, it was like i hit a wrong button on the juke box and played Barry Manilow instead of Grand Funk. You get over it, and two and a half minutes later its over.

Anyway, when i first played this one i was like what the hell is this, and why do i recognize it? After a few listens i decided that it was a commercial jingle that i remembered from my youth, but i still didn't know what it was for exactly. So like the modern man that i am, i consulted the all knowing internet, and the video clip is what i came up with.

I wish the record was identified as the Budweiser jingle or whatever, but then again i'm kind of glad it's not because it forced me to do the detective work which led me to the old video...

First, listen to the record. It's a quick one:

Next, dig this vintage Budweiser commercial.
Get a load of the guy in the mustard colored pants that comes out right after the main singer. He's awesome.



Monday, September 27, 2010

High Heeled Sneakers

Put on your wig-hat baby- we going out tonight!

It's been a while since i posted High Heeled Sneakers, so lets have some of that, shall we...
As I said in one of my previous posts, i've never heard a version of this song that i didn't like. You can hear the blues, british invasion, and punk versions by following this LINK.

Here's a wild jazzy instrumental take on the classic.
You gotta make sure to play side two, that bass solo is outta sight.


Part one:

Part two:



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot Rod Henry

This ones for my old buddy Henry back east in Boston.

Haven't been in contact for a while- How you living man? I think this oughtta be your new theme music.

Enjoy the tune!



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sock it to me!

File under: Failed dance craze records from the 60's

This here is a good example for the argument of how blogs like these encourage folks to go and seek out new music. ("I heard it on the internets, i'm gonna go out and find my own copy.") What we have here is a purchase i made recently. I recognized the 'One-derful!' record label after seeing it on one of the blogs i follow, either The Singing Bones or Derek's Daily 45, and though i didn't remember the specific song from their post, i know they both have good taste, so when i saw this record i grabbed it. Would i have bought it if i hadn't already seen and heard one like it on the internet? Maybe, maybe not. Who's to say really. The arguments for and against online music sharing are still in their infant stages considering where we are in the history and development of the wild world of webs.

If you want my (perhaps biased) opinion i'd say that blogs like this can do nothing but help folks discover music that they might not have already known about, or to give access to obscure old stuff that is long out of print that would have been lost to the ages otherwise. For example- I recently recieved an email regarding the 'Portraits in patriotism' record i posted. This guy from the veterans center in Arlington, VA was doing research about one of the men featured on the record, and stumbled upon my humble little blog. Seems that the guy, an 80-something year old Korean war vet, is speaking at a ceremony in November, and they are going to use the MP3 of MY record to help honor him! I'm not even making this up. I emailed back and forth with the guy, and actually offered to donate the record, but he didn't want it...

But what do i know... Music sharing on the internet never actually helped anyone or anything....

I don't know if The Sock is totally out of print or what. I'm sure it's been comped somewhere, but even those compilations aren't the easiest to find sometimes. It's new to these ears either way.

So here's a little obscure soul, straight from the grimy 25 cent record store bin in Chicago to the entire Universe: You are very welcome.

Sock It To Em!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank You!

My pledge drive was a huge success, and I'd like to say thanks the best way i know how: With a Sam & Dave tune.

Big huge sincere thank yous for their generous donations go out to:

Erling from Skoghall Sweeden

Anthony from Glen Burnie, Md

And my old pal Andy from just outside-a Boston.

Thanks to the generosity of these fine folks, i actually ended up with more than the 20 bucks i originally asked for. But it's ok, because i spent like $7.00 on a bunch of 25 cent 45s the other day, so that covered that too. And i got some awesome stuff. Stay tuned for some random oldies, a classic novelty number, obscure funkyness, some songs about Kung fu Dracula and King Kong (seriously!) and a vintage commercial jingle, among others....

You guys are the best!

I have a few old Sam & Dave 45s on Stax, at least three (mabye even 4- i'm a little unorganized) and I was sure that i had 'I thank you.' But yeah, no. I do have Sly Stone's 'Thank you (falletin me be mice elf)' on 45, but it skips. Badly. It looks like someone used it as a frisbee. The only thing that record would be good for at this point is skeet shootin... This is a better tune anyway, so i took it off of the greatest hits LP that i stole from my step father when i was a teenager and hosed someone elses scan from the almighty internet.
Thank you indeed.

So here you go- A little Sam & Dave. This ones for you guys (and everyone else who stops by too.) Thanks!




I'm not the biggest Donovan fan, in fact i think most of his music is hippy dippy crap that should have stayed in the 60's where it belonged. This one's no exception in the hippy-dippy department, it;s just that i'm actually glad that it followed us here. As i say, everybody gets it right at least once- This is Donovan's moment of absolute perfection. He hit the ball out of the park with this one. It's his two outs in the bottom of the ninth, grand slam for a world series victory.

And of course, who could forget the scene in Goodfellas where Tommy and Jimmy kick the shit out of Billy Batts while this song plays. That Martin Scorsese- He's got good taste. The scene just wouldn't have been the same without the music.

My only problem with this song is the fact that it ends.

Here it is. Extended intro and all.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cowboys and Injuns

I posted 'Chief Whoopin-Koff' last December, and it seems that the the link is already dead! It looks like the files of my first few posts are already gone... WTF!

Any advice from fellow record bloggers on a better delivery method? I like the DivShare player because it's easy to use, but if the files don't even hang around for a whole year, then what's the point?! I realize that it's a free account, and you get what you pay for with this and everything else, but brothers are broke these days and the money just aint there to support what is essentially a hobby.

The records posted here are mostly from my already existing collection, 'new' purchases are scratchy old bargain-bin leftovers. My unofficial rule when buying things to post here is not to pay more than a buck for a 45s. Nearly all of my recent finds were of the two or three for a dollar variety. Not only does spending real money go against the whole 'Junk Shop' theme, but in all reality it's what i can afford... (When i can actually afford to treat myself to things that aren't food or rent.)

So here's what i'm gonna do. It's pledge time.

See that Pay Pal button up there in the right hand corner, i'm asking YOU, dear reader/listener/downloader to consider sending a buck or two my way. A measley buck. What i am asking is not for personal gain, it is simply to purchase a one year DivShare account. The price- a mere $20.00. If i can get 20 people to donate one dollar each, together we can keep this thing alive. I know you're out there. I have 21 official followers, and who knows how many anonymous followers. The blog gets more than 50 hits a day, so someone's looking at it... When i reach $20.00, i'll do a post stating that i reached my goal, and a thank you to all the generous folks who donated. I'm not a greedy man, $20.00 is all i need. And YOU can help.

Think about it while you enjoy these selections. One dollar. If you cant spare the bread it's no sweat. Leave a comment and tell me so. I'll understand- I'm broke too.

Here are both sides. A couple twangy surfy southwestern style instrumental rockers from The Fireballs.
From 1960.

Chief Whoopin Koff

Vaquero (Cowboy)



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Star Trekkin'

Star Trek - Original stories for children inspired by the show.

I've also had this one since i was a kid along with another Star Trek 45, Knight Rider, A-team, and several others- and who knows how many kiddie/story LPs. Not to mention all the ancient 78s that i'm unable tp play because my turntable is newer and doesn't have a 78 speed... I'll convert them all eventually, but this will be it on these for a while.

This record isn't nearly as cool as the Star Wars one, in fact i think it's pretty boring. But get a load of that label! How awesome is that? It is what it is though, so here it is for your downloading pleasure anyway. There are a few minor skips on side two, the vinyl looks just fine, but since each side is nearly eight minutes long, and it spins at 45, those grooves are really friggin crammed in there. You just look at it wrong and it's gonna skip. Ahh well, what do you want for nothing.

Get it HERE with scans of the sleeve and labels. Enjoy- and don't be afraid to say thank you. It's only been like three hours since i posted the Star Wars record, it's already got 9 downloads, and nary a one thank you.
I'm nice- I'll say your welcome.... I'm just sayin is all.

Donations welcome


Talkin 'Bout Star Wars

Star Wars read-along book and record set. 1979.

I got this when i was a much younger man. It would have been when i was seven or eight years old give-or-take, assuming the record was new at the time... I could be wrong, but I think it came from one of those mail-order catalogs that used to go around in elementary schools back in the early 80's. I remember getting lots of those 'Choose your own adventure' books and stuff from those. Maybe it wasn't a mail order deal, because i seem to remember the books being delivered directly to the school and not to the home. Either way, i have had this one for about as long as i was able to appreciate recorded sound etched into vinyl. I was never the biggest Star Wars geek or anything, but i was a kid, and all kids in those days thought this was the coolest shit ever. And it was. I listened to this record so much back then that thirty-plus years later, I can still practically recite the damn thing from memory.
That sleepy narrators voice- He sounds like he's yawning the whole time. My poor mother must have been so sick of hearing it... (Sorry Mom!)

Since day one I have always had the utmost respect for vinyl records- even as a stupid 8 year old kid i had the good sense to take care of this (and all) of my records, put them back in the sleeve when i was done listening, don't stack them on top of each other, take CARE of them... Sure- this one hasn't seen the turntable in 29 years, but it was never abused that's for sure. This i a well loved and frequently played selection from my youth, and there's not a scratch, or skip on it.
I haven't done the research, but a vintage Star Wars record like this is probably quite the hot little collectors item these days. I'll bet if i listed it on Ebay it'd fetch me a whole fifteen bucks, but there's no way i'd ever actually sell my copy. Are you kidding me? It's a miracle that i still own it after all this time. I'll be taking this one to the grave.

The record comes with the read-along booklet, I have scanned each page individually for your downloading pleasure. The scans are big. Go ahead and follow any of the Star Wars links for the whole shootin match. This one's worth the twelve minutes of your time, and I'ts even better if you read along.... You gotta read along. When R2D2 bleeps it's time to turn the page-- Great stuff! Man, i love this record.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Out Of This World

If you don't-a dig my peaches, don't shake-a my tree.

I've never heard of em, so i googled "The Simmons out of this world." All i got was a ton of stuff on Russell and Gene, nothing at all on this record, but i didn't try very hard either... Sometimes you can't ask questions though, you gotta just dig the sounds that you got. I'm cool with a little bit of mystery when it sounds like this...

The Simmons - Out of this world.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You gotta have love

September 15, 2007.

Today is my third marriage anniversary! Yay me... Oop- I mean- Us.

I have a bunch of old Little Richard singles on Specialty, and i thought i had a copy of "Jenny Jenny" (My lovely wife's name) but it turns out i don't. Damn. I wanted to post that one for her. And since i don't even have Mitch Ryder's 'Jenny take a ride' on vinyl either (strike two) and i don't have any 1990's indie rock what so ever, i'll have to make do with what i got.
At least now i got 365 days to look for a Tommy Two-Tone 45.....

Here's one i picked up recently and have only spun a few times. Not a bad little record for 80 cents i must say, it would have been worth twice that price for the awesome label graphics alone- It's actually the reason i grabbed it, the fact that it;s a really righteous old tune was just an added bonus...

"You gotta have love" seemed fitting for this particular occasion. This one's for my old lady- You got love. Here's to three wonderful years, and many many more to come!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Hot Pastrami Yeah!

Funny thing, this one. I have had this paper sleeve for years, but only recently did i get a copy of the actual record. I don't know where it came from exactly but the sleeve has been protecting my copy of Jim Croce's 'Leroy Brown' for as long as i can remember.

On a recent record store excursion i ran into the song Hot Pastrami and remembered that i had this old sleeve. I had to have it. Hot Pastrami is one of those old songs i knew that i knew, but couldn't quite recall how it went exactly. When i got it home and gave it a spin i was like "Ohh yeah- that song." I dig this old 60s low budget teenage garage band stuff quite a bit, so this one was a welcome addition to my collection...
The record and the sleeve- Together again, for the very first time.

Enjoy it with me, won't you...

And hear the flip side HERE.



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Portraits In Patriotism

I'm not going to share my thoughts on the September 11th tragedy. We know what happened, and there are much better places on the internet to read about the events of that day than some crummy two bit music blog. If that's what you want, go find one of those better places; if it's a strange old bit of recorded sound that strikes your fancy then you came to the right place.

With that said, here is damn near the most American record i own, except maybe Grand Funk's 'We're an American band' of course. Part of a long series, these selections are number 199 and 200! Now, i'm no mathamagician, but that means there were 99 of these records before this one! And who knows how many after it.
Whoa. That's a whole lot of America. Sadly, this is the only one i've come across in my travels, and i'm always on the lookout for stuff like this

The intro is the same on both sides, and the tales are of the heroic bravery of two 'negro' Navy men. An odd little sampling of a bygone era. I'm guessing it's from the early 1960's, and most likely the series was produced by the U.S Navy for recruiting purposes.


Thomas Huchner

Col. Charles Young

Donations welcome


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Phantom Creepers

I haven't done a punk record in a while. So let's have some of that, shall we...
Though i'm not sure you could call this a Punk record nessisarily, To me it's more of a low-budget rock and roll record. But i guess that's what punk music is when you get right down to it. Call it what you will. It is what it is.

Lately i've been all hopped up on stuff i've bought recently, and have been neglecting my massive backlog of converted vinyl. I have two sets of converted records in my i-tunes, the first is called "My 45 Collection" and the other is called "My 45 Collection- Posted."
Pretty clever eh?

The 'Posted' set is over a hundred deep at this point, and the non posted set is around 80 tracks or so (Mabye half of which will end up here.) For example, i'll skip "Wild Thing" by the Troggs because everyones heard it a zillion times, but i will eventually get to it's flip side because it's a lesser known number... Anyway, as nerdily organized as i am, it's easy to overlook the same stuff over and over...
This is one of those. I converted it months ago, and here it finally is.

What we have here for your listening enjoyment is a little record i picked up many years ago by a mystery band that i know very little about. The Phantom Creepers. There is no band member info on the sleeve, no record label info anywhere, nothing. All i got are the name of the band and the song titles. Hell, the only etching in the matrix of the record itself reads: TPC 001 and TPC 002. I'm guessing it was self-released by the band, and probably in a very limited quantity. 500 copies, 1000 tops, for them to hawk at gigs.

The internet only turns up one clue on the band. Apparently this record was a 1992 one-off by the drummer/ vocalist (The Phantom Creeper) who went on to form another group called The Goblins, Who it turns out are a Chicago based group, and are still currently active... Who knew..? There was also a 1939 Bela Lugosi flick called The Phantom Creeps if you like following links and looking at pictures...
Helpful hint: Do not follow the provided links while the player is playing. It cuts off the music, and i don't know about you- but i hate that...

But enough of all that- Lets all dig on a little mid 90's trashy, no bass player havin, poor-man's Mummies, Midwest budget rock.

Here's the Hit: "Space Devil"

And the flip side "Babadabing" and "Pick up truck"
(Be sure and stick around for Pick up truck, Its a good un.)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hucklebuck

What do you know... I just learned that i have a follower in Holland that digs Chubby Checker records. Who knew? My little slice of the internet has gone global!
Greetings from America's heartland Mr or Mrs. Anonymous- This one's for you. And if you want to hear more, follow this handy LINK to yet another Chubby Checker post i did last march.




Monday, September 6, 2010

I like beer

I like beer.

Truer words have never been been spoken. Or in this case, sung.
I personally enjoy beer so much in fact, i'm having a cold can of Busch as i write these words. My first one of the night, and i seem to be sucking it down pretty quickly....
(Excuse me while i get up and go to the fridge... There. That's better.)

I never met a beer that i didn't drink. Given a choice, i prefer yellow fizzy crap from a can: High Life, Coors, Pabst, and the like. The kind of stuff you can drink a six-pack of before you even catch a buzz... But i'll try pretty much any of your snazzy import micro-brew whatevers if the price is right (i.e. Free.)

I like beer so much that i have a small refrigerator in my kitchen dedicated strictly to it. The big fridge is for the food, the little one is for the beer. It can hold over two thirty-packs if it's stacked correctly.
Here's what it looks like during happier times:

Gulp. Ahhhh! **Burrrrp!** Delicious.

This record has a slight skip in it but it doesn't matter. It was probably handled one too many times by drunken living-room DJs before i got my hands on it...Tell you what- go have a few beers and come back to play it later. You won't even notice it. The song actually sounds better the drunker you are. Skip and all.




Me a few years back when i lived in Boston.
Empty containers have a nickel deposit in New England. I got enough for another twelve pack and a large iced coffee offa this haul. Nice!
I miss that bicycle....


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dancin Party

What's not to like about Chubby Checker records..? I mean, these old Parkway sides are some of the most fun music i own. Since they are pretty common i have shyed away from posting them here, but it occured to me that the folks who peruse this site are not necessarily nerdy record collectors like me, and that most are just plain lovers of old music. (Otherwise you wouldn't be here- would you?) And who knows, it's probably been a while since you put on your Best Of Chubby Checker CD...

So here's one to get you going on a Sunday afternoon.
Let's all have a little Dancin Party.



Friday, September 3, 2010

Stagger Lee

I've never heard a version of Stagger Lee that i didn't like.
Wilson Pickett's take on this classic American folk song is no exception.

From 1967



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gator Road

'Gator Road' is the b-side to the AM gold classic 'Sweet City Woman.'
The Stampeders eh? Who knew?

The top side is what it is. It's not a bad tune, but it's the hit. No surprises there. Worth spending a half a buck on anyway. I grabbed it because i'm always curious to hear the b-sides by these one hit wonder types. Sometimes the song sucks, but other times you come up with a gem like this one. The Grand Funk-esque white boy groove in this song is quite the contrast to the light banjo strumming and falsetto vocals of it's counterpart. And that guitar solo--? Whoa.
Not to mention, the lyrics are hilarious:

"...Something something a girl who's pure
Sleeps to the croakin of a toad
Fertilizes fields with manure..."

This stuff is gold Jerry! Gold!

With this song, The Stampeders have secured a spot on my never ending wish list of obscure old LPs to find.


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