Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey Weirdos!

Here's one that's too cool not to share on Halloween.

Vintage movie trailer 45 that I rescued (stole) from an old theater (along with a box of 1960s smut) about 20 years ago. To this day, I still consider it to be one of the coolest records i own.

Enjoy. And Happy Halloween!

Man & Monster / Bloody Vampire

Brainiac / Curse Of The Crying Women

get it 1 get it 2

And check THIS out. You'll be glad you did.


I aint afraid of no ghost

Several years ago when i lived in Boston, my friend moved into this little flop-house apartment, the kind of place where the landlord doesn't give a shit who lives there as long as he gets his rent every month. The previous occupants ended up leaving small stuff behind when they left. Posters, random furniture, stains, etc. Who knows who's name was actually on the lease. Over the course of three years or so a couple of my friends lived in the place. My buddy Mike was there for about a year, and I helped him move some stuff because he was moving into my place which was less than a block away.

This Ghostbusters record was hanging on the wall there, left behind by whoever. When we were moving him i asked who's it was and he said he didn't know, that it 'came with the place.' I asked if i could grab it, and he gave me the go-ahead. So that's the story with this one. There was also a classic Shout at the devil era Motley Crue picture disc hanging up that i still wish i was able to snag, but i think Mike took that one. At least i hope he did...

So, not the most unusual Halloween tune, but it is a modern classic. And being the sucker for a gimmick that i am, what's not to like about a shaped Ghostbusters picture disc? I mean, come on... It's a pretty cool thing to own.

This one's for Pete in L.A. Because I don't know for sure, but more than likely it used to belong to him.

Happy Halloween everyone!

"Bustin makes me feel good!"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Black Widow

Hows about one from the late great Link Wray. Nothing too spooky about this tune, just another instrumental number with what could be considered a Halloween-ish sounding title. But If you wanted to get all literal about it, one could also consider it to be a heartwarming tribute to an African-American woman who's husband has passed away. Just sayin.

Either way it's a rocker. All one minute and fifty whatever seconds of it.

get it


Friday, October 29, 2010


Was i the only rock and roll nerd out there who spotted Buzz Whatshisname, singer/guitarist of The Melvins, in the crowd of world series - game two last night?

I first spotted him in the fifth inning enjoying the game from 10-or-so rows above the Giants dugout, and ended up watching the crowd every time a right-handed batter came to the plate after that. I spotted him three or four more times throughout the rest of the game. It was clearly him, his giant, grey, white-guy afro is unmistakable. Much like Zappa's moustache, it's the only one of its kind in rock and roll.

Obviously he's a Giants fan, and no doubt was happy with the outcome of last night's game, but i don't need to go into that here. This blogs about music, not baseball. Since it's about music, how about a little of that eh?

Here's the first Melvins record i ever bought- Again, i'm a sucker for a gimmick, so when i was a dumb high school kid and saw this 8" flexi disc advertised in Maximumrockandroll, I immediately stuffed three dollars (cash) into an envelope and awaited my prize. Two weeks later or whatever, this is what finally arrived, and I was blown away by the sound. This record was like nothing else i had heard at the time, and i soon became a big fan. Three bucks plus postage well spent.

Since this is one of those cheezy flexi-dicscs, the sound quality is less than ideal. And by less than ideal, i mean it really sucks ass. This aint no mint copy either- I take care of my stuff, but I played the shit outta this thing when i was a kid. Honestly, i'm surprised that my needle hadn't worn through the damn thing as much as i played it back in the day.... So, high fidelity you aint gonna get here.

Fans of the Melvins should dig this one because it's not everyday you'll run across a copy of this record for a reasonable price. On the webnets that is, or at all in person. Hell, i've never actually seen another copy other than my own. Ever. And i don't know if these tracks have been re-issued in a normal format....
Mine is from the second 1000 press run out of three. (There were 3000 made, total.) Each press had one of the three band members on the cover, and sadly i have one of the other guys who's not Buzz. But what are you gonna do...

Anyway, embrace the muddiness and the noise. I cleaned it up the best i could with Audacity, but really, these two songs were meant to be listened to fucking loud and distorted anyway. So enjoy them, the way they were meant to be heard.

Or get it

Settle in, and enjoy. Smoke em if ya got em. These two tracks clock in at just under 9:00 minutes. If you are unfamiliar with the work of the Melvins, you'll know about 30 seconds in whether you want to stick around for the whole thing or not.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evil Woman

No, not the ELO tune. I do have it on 45, but i thought it best to keep that one to myself. No, here we got a little gem by a band called Crow. Their claim to fame is that Black Sabbath did a cover of this tune, which was only available on the English version of their debut album, and nobody has ever heard either version since. Too bad too, because its a pretty righteous jam. I don't know if they were a Chicago based group or what, but that big Ides Of March/Chicago (the band) horn section makes me think they coulda been. But what do i know.

It's paired up here with a trailer for a double feature: Devil Woman & Dragons Never Die. Enjoy.

Yeah. I know. I already posted this one. I don't remember when, probably last winter sometime. But as i stated before, the transfers on some of my early posts sound really shitty so i have decided to re do them. This is one of those. This transfer sounds a whole lot better, and a song like this deserves more respect than i gave it the last time around.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yeah, i'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel here with the Halloween songs, I'm just barely going to make it to the holiday proper... However, this version of this very familiar song is worth a listen and i'll tell you why: It's the original 45 issue which is even more 'Frankensteined' than the one you here on the radio nowadays. All the different sections are cut shorter to make the whole thing shorter (time wise.)

See, the story behind this tune is that it was recorded in many different parts with several of the instruments being played by Edgar himself. Then, the best parts of the parts were put together later to create the song that we all know and love. They called it Frankenstein because it was all 'assembled' afterward. If memory serves, Edgar Winter played keys, saxophone, and some drums. He probably even played a little guitar and/or bass somewhere in there too.

The version you hear in the radio today is the longer album version. In fact, as many times as i had heard the long version, i had never heard this edited one until i bought this record. I bought it for the flip side which i posted a few months back. Hear It Here. That tune is a great forgotten bit of early 70's glam rock.

I paired it up here with a trailer for a flick called Dracula vs Frankenstein.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haunted Castle

I'm not sure this would be considered a Halloween song if it weren't for the title, but it is called Haunted Castle- So...
Hey why not, it's a rockin little ditty. It's the flip-side of Louie Louie, so you know this is quality stuff right here.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graveyard Drag Race

I'm not the biggest fan of this brand of late 90's/early oughts shouty vocals punk-metal-rock, but at the time i was in a band that sounded just like this, so we ended up playing lots of gigs with other bands who sounded just like this too. This was one of the many freebies i picked up along the way. I think when i converted it the other day it was the first time i actually listened to it... There's no shame in rock and roll though, regardless of what kind it is. The band i was in was great, and i had a lot of fun times while i played with them. It's just not the type of music i'd enjoy on a normal Sunday afternoon, dig?
There are however, two good things about this record: 1, It was free and 2, it fits the halloween theme. So let's have at it, shall we.

This is the title track of the four song, two 45 set. They are all Halloween themed songs, but I probably won't post any of the others because they all sound the same (to me anyway.) So here's what i did. I zipped them all up: scans, mp3's, the works, and put them all in a handy dandy file for your downloading pleasure. All you gotta do is follow THIS LINK, and bada-boom bada-bing, it's yours. Like magic.

I paired it up with a trailer for a flick called Graveyard Tramps here.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dinner With Drac

Here's a side of an old Peter Pan EP that i've owned since i was a kid.
I posted one track from the other side last March, with a link to get all four. I have since deleted the file, because my transfer sounded so shitty. I actually plan on re-upping a few more of my old posts because the original transfers are pretty bad. The more i've digitized my records, the better i've gotten at doing it. Even with the half-assed set up i use. They sound a LOT better these days i must say...

Anyway, here's a little ditty which any self respecting fan of halloween novelty music has heard, followed up by a lesser known instrumental track called All Choked Up. All Choked Up really brings the awesome. It's a sloppy garage instrumental with some honkin sax and zany sound effects. The zany sound effects are wht qualifies it a 'halloween' song i guess, since there are no lyrics... Stick around for that one. You'll be glad you did.

I'm not going to bother posting the other side because it's just a bad cover of WItch Doctor, and another instrumental which is (surprise) very similar to the one here only with different zany sound effects... If anyone feels the urgent need to hear it, drop me a line and i'll send you the file...




Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monster Mash

Sometimes, when you don't feel like writing anything, it's best to just let the music do the talking. Here's one of, if not thee, classic halloween novelty numbers of all time. I posted the flip side in June. You can hear it HERE.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Addams Family Theme

Yet another (and final) one i'm going to post from the orange pumpkin shaped record.
Ladies and gents, a rockin version of the Addams Family theme song as performed by the Fiends. Who are the Fiends, you ask? Why, they are the group that performed this song of course...



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haunted House

Here's another one from that orange pumpkin shaped record. An 80's take on the Johnny Fuller tune, Haunted House by Jumpin Gene Simmons. And no, sadly that's not Gene 'God of thunder' Simmons of Kiss. Just some other guy who has the same name... I wanted to post the original version, but i can't because i don't have it on vinyl. This 1980's knock-off will have to do.
I'm giving it a hard time, it's actually a really good version of a classic.
I've paired it here with the trailer for "The last house on the left."
Get it?
House - House.... Anyone?

(( Crickets Chirping ))

Ahh well.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Tattoo Vampire

Here's a record that i've owned for about forever. It's been a long, long time since i listened to this one, so it was like it was new to me. It's fun hearing a record again for the very first time.
The B-side to Don't fear the reaper, it's a little classic B.O.C. just the way the good lord intended.

The records a little noisy, but what are you gonna do?

Vampire Playgirls/Tattoo Vampire



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Psycho Killer

Here's one for my mother.
She used to dig the Talking Heads quite a bit back in the day, so by default, i did too (and still do.) I have the hippest mom ever, (and still do.) So this ones for her.
Hi Mom!!

And it fits the Halloween theme, so that's a good thing.
The Incredible Two Headed Transplant / Psycho Killer.



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Season Of The Witch

I've been picking my brain over the last several days trying to think of Halloween type songs that i already own. Because i sure as hell ain't going out and buying new records for this... A few have come to mind that aren't nessisarily 'Halloween' songs, but fit the theme pretty nicely, and i already got em so it works out well for me.

Here's another one that i was SURE i had on 45, but when i looked for it... not so much. I really need to organize my 45s better. I have three Donovan singles- Six songs, and not one of them is Season of the witch, so i had to take this track off of the greatest hits LP. Hence the absence of a label scan.

This one's proceeded by a vintage radio spot for a flick called The Virgin Witch.
Must be the Season Of The Witch.

This ones for Jonman





The purple people eater meets the witch doctor

Here we go with the third and final installment of my three part series.

First- you heard from the Witch Doctor. Next- we had the Purple People Eater. Finally- i give you: "The purple people eater meets the witch doctor."
Who knew? They were tight bros back in the day. Sounds like they had a good ole time with it too.

I love this stuff. That chipmunk voice gets me every time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Purple People Eater

Here's part two of my three part series.

This one comes from my copy of the 1983 Rhino records release, 'Horror Rock Classics.' I bought this record in Florida while on a trip with my parents when i was a young teenager. These are the kind of souveniers that i pick up in my travels. I've always been a sucker for a gimmick, so an orange pumpkin shaped record of novelty Halloween songs seemed like the thing to take home. I also picked up an original Vibrators LP that day. That's just how i roll. Some things never change. Tell you what, it sure beats a "So-and-so went to Florida and all i got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirt.
20+ years later, and i still have it....

I didn't realize it until i listened to it again, (because it doesn't actually get a whole lot of play- more of a wall decoration really) but this is a different version than the one i already knew. Mabye re-recorded for this release? Who knows. It is the same song anyway.

Either way, dig Sheb Wooley with the classic: "Purple People Eater."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witch Doctor

Turns out, i have more Halloween type records than i thought i did. Once i got into the theme, i ended up finding a few things i'd forgotten about... There are enough songs to get me through the holiday proper anyway... Some typical stuff like this, and a few more odd balls.

Here's an oldie but a goodie. A classic for the season.
The first in a three part series. Stay tuned.



Monday, October 11, 2010


I figured i'd share some of these vintage radio ads i have. I've been collecting these ever since i discovered them. I love this stuff. I shoulda been doing this all along is what i shoulda been doing...

The record is mine and the ads come from several places, but are largely from a three disc series called Trash-o-rama.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more...


Oh yeah- Check THIS out too. It's fun.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Horror Hotel

Sure, everyone's heard every single song by the classic Misfits over and over, and over again. And with good reason- It's fucking great music. One of my all time favorites. Even now. Some of my older readers who dig the Misfits might remember a time before the internet though, before mp3's, before the 'Box Set' came out even, when you actually had to seek out songs like 'Horror Hotel,' one by one from bootleg records like this.

I don't know about you, dear mid-to-late 30's (or older) readers, but when i was a teenager i didn't have the 80 bucks (or whatever) to drop on an original-pressing Misfits 45 for one new song. It just wasn't an option. Luckily for us, we grew up in the era of the vinyl punk rock bootleg. I have a dozen or so of these Misfits boots on 45, and who knows how many LPs, that i picked up for next to nothing. I paid less than four bucks for this, which in 1992 dollars was, to me anyway, a bit steep. (It still has the record store's price, $3.85, handwritten on the inner paper sleeve.)

This song holds that significance for me. I knew it from the crappy Evillive LP, but when i learned that there was actually a studio version, i had to have it. Of course the song eventually ended up on one of the 'Collection' LPs that came out in the 90's, but it was old news to me at that point.

...Ahh the good ole days.

Keeping with the whole Halloween theme, here's a bit of classic Misfits from an extremely low-rent bootleg 45. Enjoy.
"Horror Hotel"




Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dracula - Part Two

Another Halloween type number for you.

Clearly this song is a part two, or continuation of the main song, but what i want to know is where is part one? It's the flip of a mediocre tune called Space Age. Dracula 'part one' is nowhere to be found. I'm a bit confused by all this. Does a part one even exist? Or is part two all I get? The internet has no answers, and the internet knows everything. I suppose it shall remain a mystery...

As a connoisseur of odd music and novelty songs i knew Jimmy Castor's name for giving us the classic Troglodyte, So when i saw that he had a tune called Dracula i just knew it was going to be quality. And i was right. A little funky almost, but not-quite disco jam with not a whole lot going on in the lyrics department. But hey, it's called Dracula, and it's Halloween time, so there you go.

Dracula - Part Two


Oh yeah- Its some guy named John Lemon's birthday today too. Guess he was in a band called The Bugs or something like that. The kids seem to think he's real swell.
Hope he has a good one, and many happy returns!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey People

Check This out.
You'll be glad you did.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


Anyone out there know how to go about converting old 78s using a modern turntable? I got a heap of these old kiddie records that need listenin to, and i can't do a damn thing about it. Stupid current technology... I read that there is a way to record them at 45 rpm then speed up the digital file, but i'll be damned if i can figure out how to do that with the half-assed setup that i use.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a separate blog just to showcase these records because i have so damn many of them. Problem is, i gotta transfer em first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

<<< UPDATE >>> <<< UPDATE >>> <<< UPDATE >>> <<< UPDATE >>>

I actually created the kiddie records blog. Swing by and give it a look-see by following this handy dandy LINK.


C.C. Rider

Much like Stagger Lee, High Heeled Sneakers, or Louie Louie, i've never heard a version of C.C. Rider that i didn't enjoy. It's hard to mess up good material. The tune goes back to the 1920's and has been performed in one form or another by every rock and roll band since.
But of course, you knew that.

The only thing that bums me out about this particular version is the fact that it seems end before it's really over. I mean, he's still singing into the fade out... You just know that the band kept it going in the studio for a few more go-rounds before they stopped playing. Two and a half minutes in, and they were just getting started. This probably could have been a great 'part 1, part 2' record. I guess we'll just have to appreciate what we got though.

C.C. Rider



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camel Train

Fans of unusual 1960's non rock and roll instrumental music- lend me your ear for a moment, wont you? We got a good one right here.

I'm not going to try to write a bit on The Fortune Tellers or their bandleader. I'll just direct you HERE or HERE instead. Both of these pages have pretty much the same bio on the guy, either one is an interesting read if you've got a minute...

When i found this record i thought it was a different song called Camel Train (There are more than one- who knew) that I downloaded from This Guy. Anything that looks like a record cover on his page is. Go check him out, he's got good taste. Turns out, it's a different tune all together. From what i read, Song of the Nairobi Trio was the hit, and Camel Train was just the the flip side. If you ask me, Camel Train is the better of the two, but that's just my humble opinion. Also, if anyone cares, these are re-recorded versions, different from the ones that appeared on the LP of the same name. Not that i've heard the alternates anyway- i'm just sayin is all...

I couldn't split these up. Some records need both sides to be heard together to get the full effect. This is one of those. Enjoy!

Camel Train

Song Of The Nairobi Trio



Monday, October 4, 2010

King Kong

I have been saving them for October, but I don't really have a whole lot of scary monster type records. I do have a few random things though, I'll probably do a re-post of one i put up months ago, and i have one really cool record that i've been saving for Halloween proper. Until then, i'll give you what i got when i feel like it... I got the whole month here.

I don't know how to classify this tune. King Kong is an odd bit of early 70's soul-rock with a wicked fuzzed-out guitar riff. At times it sounds like it could be a reject from the original Jesus Christ Superstar LP, until you realize how dumb the lyrics are. A bit on the strange side, but I actually think it's got a pretty righteous groove to it.

Dig it.



Saturday, October 2, 2010

I cain't hep myself!

The mans gotta dance!
You better just get back jack, and let him do his thang.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Kisses sweeter than wine

I like to switch up musical styles as much as my limited record collection allows me to from day to day. One day it might be funk, the next it might be punk, and there's always room for a good novelty record, but when you get right down to it- It's really all just rock and roll... Anyone who has been here more than a few times knows that that's how i do it. I try to switch it up.

So normally i wouldn't post two country songs in a row ,but given yesterday's tragic tale of cheatin husbands and murder and suicide, i had to go with something that was the extreme opposite. A guy singing about how much he adores his wife and kids and grandkids and all growing old together made sense...
So another country number it shall be.


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